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had before

  up North

Star State's three princes to go? "
Qingyun dye stared at her, did not expect her feelings MBT Shoes Salewould be so excited, she Laner has been as sisters, in the past few

years, in order to avoid Xiao Xuan Chen, cruel do not contact her heart was kept with the guilt it! Now, at the occasion, and

perhaps no longer meet the day, she would not hide, can not hide, and sighed, nodded, said: "ah, I intend to go with him to

North Star.
Laner tears fell down with stringing, straining to shake his head, 'Do not go, Miss! "
Qingyun dye so I do not know why she cried sadly, the ring around her hand gently pat her back, softly comfort: "The Laner,

you I have ranged as master and servant, but, you know, I always regarded you as sisters, but, there are things that last

resort, the world is no good ending, if destined, we will also meet again in the. "
Laner tears, pupil of the eye orbital erythema, lip pale, whispered cry Road, 'Do not go, Miss Laner beg of you, your Royal

Highness to see me, good or bad.
Qingyun dyeing eyebrows Jincu, Mouzhong swept Farm touch of pain, and decisively shook his head: I'm sorry, Laner! Today the

situation has no room here I decided to take the water's clear, if the identity of live, infected the past Qingyun, is dead!

And the title of Princess Xuan, together with abandon, he is no longer any relationship with me. However, his concubine to

see you married, I was also worried about, if you can, you still leave him! In fact, the woman's life, the most important

things, than the home and children, see pleasing to the eye to find a man, having children, nothing exciting and forever, is

not it great? He is a prince, Fuchu's concubines and even if small, can not give you a unique love, so wronged myself, so why

Laner pound his mouth, broke down in tears, said: "Miss, is not the case in the past princes and done, is indeed Zuigaiwansi

However, people often say, Sweet Basil prodigal son, even made a huge mistake , also should give him a chance, he really had

the heart to make up for Miss Royal Highness as one for you, turn a blind eye to any woman, the palace of concubines, and my

heart will not do very well share delusions. However, since the three days before the princes back to the government to

suddenly high fever, are not vomiting blood, the doctor said that if today we do not improve, I am afraid not make it

tonight, princes, Miss Laner beg you, with my back to the palace, see princes side, good or bad ? "
Heard the phrase, not make it tonight, Qingyun stained heart, sudden pain can not breathe, in the past, she never his thing,

have had such a strong reaction, today, this is how she?
Strong pressure that she inexplicable heartache, prime cold face, Yingqixinchang said: "Life and Death by the life, human

life, evil too, even if no revenge to him, the day will come to receive him."
Laner heard her words, incredible eyes widened, stared at her, long before they spit out the words, "a small fear, you've not

the case, how do you get ... ..."
The heart becomes so hard as iron, there is no room for a prayer back to the atlas.
Qingyun dye hung his head, leaving it floating in the mist to Mouzhong faint, whispered: "I'm sorry, Laner, I'm going, you

take good care of."
Finished, shook her little hand tightly, Shang Yue ran without looking back, she was afraid, do not go, the tears will really

fall off.
Shang Yue reddish eyes looked at her, my heart burst of distressed, Lan Guo her shoulder, whispered: how, if reluctant, she

can not go today, leaving her to come down one night with you. "
Qingyun dye shook his head, to squeeze out a "superficial smile, 'all right, have been a farewell, let's go."
Having taken the lead on the horse abundance.
Shang Yue did not say nothing to help her lay Julian, his eyes drifting not far from the woman, see her squatting on the

ground sobbing, eyebrow shaping can not help but slightly twisted, the woman said in the end, what children of light, so that

children with mood light This mess, Mouzhong faint cold Sen Han Fu Dongzhe views.
In the carriage of the Qingyun dye Qinghuan heard, Shang Yue look back, put aside the Julian, Mianhanweixiao, rapid cross-up.
The group boarded the coach, all the way heading north, the more towards the west, the weather colder, Qingyun dye worried

about had happened.
Shang Yue's cold virus attack!
118 Empress summoned
Qingyun stained hands holding basin, deep melancholy brow color surface, with one hand put aside the Julian, nice and warm

inside, and a few heaters were burned brightly, a stock mixture of herbs and the taste of blood in the in the air, she could

not help a stifled the apex, fast forward, moved to the Shang Yue side.
    See his eyes closed, lying in bed, pale as a sheet is horrifying, lips, neck edge, and the bedding, there are a lot of

speckled red with blood. She hurried down the basin, the wet handkerchief, wring dry and gently wipe his lips had solidified

blood, heart, thrown up a trace of unspeakable pain. Four years in the medical clinic to help her, skills, learned some more

or less. She was so clear, Shang Yue onset of this cold virus, obviously several times more serious than ever in, though

vomiting is not serious, however, that poor blood circulation, as if his life little by little eroded, as such a situation,

or the head time, why would seriously look into this? !
    Heart, could not help but filled with a deep sense of fear, the whole body trembled are unable to stop.
    Shang Yue she was afraid to die ... "
    Do not! She could not watch as Shang Yue die!
    She does not want to see anyone die in front of her, if Shang Yue also away from her, she will collapse! If this world,

her attention to the people, one by one all away from her.
    Well, what is worth her to nostalgia?
    May feel the warmth of water, a few days of the Shang Yue coma slowly, opened his eyes.
    Qingyun stained eyes lit up, like the desert asMBT Shoes Clearance thirsty travelers on the verge of death, suddenly see the oasis, to see

water in general.
    She always thought ...
    It turned out that care about his own, he was nervous.
    Shang Yue looked at her gentle face, a slight smile, handsome face, and instantly became the spirit of some, slightly

Pianguo Tou, Qingzhuo a moment she was rubbed the fragrant soft physique.
    Qingyun stained cheeks flushed with shame, when he, to learn so not serious, and, still sick of them, slightly angry,

said: "Hey, do not touch!"
    Shangguan flashed with Mouzhong sad heart-breaking, transfer pupil of the eye, look to her, eyes overflowing smile, while

Qingke side said: "Keke ... ... I dream of you."
    Qingyun dye to help him along the side of gas, while helped him sit up, and brought it into a cushion behind him, the way

to the hands of Juan gave him a clean, light and asked: "What dream?
    Shang Yue Mouguang flash, eyes filled with a happy smile, "I dreamed"
    Saying that this time, he stopped, looked Qingyun dye look, little bit of his own lips, "pro and I'll tell you."
    Qingyun dye blinked incredible stared at him, touched his forehead, the suspect Sheng said: "You're not possessed by

whom, right?"
    Shang Yue down her soft little hands tightly in her hand, reassuring smiles: "you kidding, I dream of you, in a beautiful

place to stay, you are cooking in the kitchen, I took food back yard as well, "
    Qingyun Buddist dye to see him suddenly stopped, which has been unknown, innocently asked and said: What? "
    Shang Yue cheeks flushing appearing unnatural, meaningful look askance at her, whispered and said: There are a plump

child ...,
    Qingyun stained face gradually froze, boy!
    Shang Yue realizes that his words wrong, was going to speak to explain, she said the first step: "Look at me, patronize

the speaker, you must be hungry, I'll get the client to lunch porridge."
    Shang Yue nodded smiled, no longer speak, quietly watching her, holding basin and went out.
    Qingyun dyed brushed aside Julian, a dignified face to see the defensive line goes out, seeing that she came out, eagerly

asked: "clean girl, how about a son? Qingyun dyed eyebrows tightened, whispered back said: "He was awake, but still very

weak. "
    Now, only three of them, the past few days, in order to take care of Shang Yue, did not sleep a stable feel, and she have

some insufficient.
    Shang Yue's disease can not be delayed, one water rush to the medicine king valley, ask senior doctors cents a valley, to

come to North Star for the Shang Yue treatment, but she could not be sure, that stubborn old man, will not come? Gently

sighed, looked up, see the line looking to ease a lot of clouds, Chen Sheng asked:
    Clouds, can you tell me the time I left, he did not go to Medicine King Valley in the end there is medical treatment?
    Clouds of eyebrows tight twist, Mouzhong worried about the complexity of full color, hand holding the hilt tight, tight,

long while, before slowly said: "clear the girl that day, you pray for East Timor was raised dependents Dark Guardian

hijacking, two water I originally would like to escort son, rushed to the Medicine King Valley heal cold virus, but, halfway

son woke up, it is worried about the safety of the girl insisted on first to save the girl, and, while I pay no attention to

water, drink the Lan Ling Hong, endured the pain of the drug back to bite, only temporarily suppress the cold virus, and

later, several rounds of asking to know the girl was admitted to the Villa Palace, however, the son went to the girl, but

that girl loss of memory, came back, I do not know why, vomiting more than, the name of the moon until we met that girl, she

used his own blood, and he healed the son, however, is the son of doctors who, naturally clear, The woman was a drug, her

blood, although the time being restrained to the toxicity of the cold virus, Queshi Bi Lan Ling Hong poison back to bite

deeper. "
    "How can he be so silly?" Qingyun dye choked out loud, her heart was severely colic, the pain a long time unable to

    This moment, she finally realized that, no matter who hurt her, Shang Yue will not, he has been silent in his side

accompanied by their own way, concern and care for her. Yes ah! This world, those who hurt her as long as there are certain,

will ease her pain of human existence. Shang Yue sleeping often looked slim in the face, my heart filled with a burst of

moving and distressed, she thought, there should be his, only his own experience, let her back out!
    Shang Yue too good in her, so good things, will not last long, in the end, come to a devastated the end, How sad?
    Clouds looked up, looked at Qingyun dye, continued: "See son, this ruined his own body, the line goes really very sad,

the line goes just a slave, no eligibility requirements for the natural girl, however, the line goes bear son that the pain

continues, when the son learned that the girl had forgotten him, and son look at that time, the line goes not forget, I have

never seen him is so sad, so the line goes urge the girl, "said, and knelt down , looked at her Heimou deeply, solemnly said:

"Even sympathetic Ye Hao, poor worth mentioning, please girls, do not easily give up son! by son of the current situation, he

might not for years ...", light Cloud stained heart suddenly startled, walked forward, and quickly cried: Clouds, you Get up!

    Clouds hung his head, did not get up, clank said: "I know the kind-hearted girl, even if, for no Nannvzhiqing son, also


Straightforward son refused to hurt the heart, but, sometimes, not because of relentless assault, but obviously do not love,

but still soft to treat son, so son thought that he still has hope. In fact, this attitude is the most hurtful, girls rely on

trust son, that is not saying, son of the girls heart, a place, so the line goes venture to say so, try to love the girl real

son, not to Villa Royal Highness, let the son of sad ... ... Qingyun stained heart spasm, Xiao Chen Xuan! As long as the

thought of him, my heart will ache swollen, this feeling, have had before, but not like this strong, often recalled that she

always felt as if there is a really good memory, she ignored forgotten.
    A long time, she sighed and said slowly: "You mean, I know, I know how to do it?
    Clouds Chen Sheng said: "Clouds on the girlMBT Shoes Qingyun dyed pale smile, looked up at the sky Yinhui, whispering:

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surprised to find

"There never was everything both advantages and Cheap MBT Shoes disadvantages may not be a bad thing can not see ... ..."
"Yan Chen Fucai, body not stripped of their possessions, only one country left with them, if mercy was Miss Shen, Yan Chen is willing to dump the country to employ."
Tilting the country to employ? !
Is ... ...
Does he know me from start to finish the move, insight into my purpose, but has not revealed, let me fool? So he said, "can not see is not necessarily a bad thing", so only four words that seem to play

Laughter actually mean it's "tendency to engage the country?"
I casually pulled up the water poured gaffe dry surface, the surface disorder such as Suiyu thousands of pale according to me, I hate those who support, those who disturb my anger, moments chapped,

Heart attack on offer all kinds of taste, after erosion, the only left confused. Water people looked at me puzzled, like a homeless child, I do not know the past, also do not know the future ... ...
    CHAPTER 53 mute servant girl? Beauty gifts?
Is the middle of winter, snow Masamori Luoyang Hao, light weight in the catkins on the cream, Shear flutter triumphantly over vast expanse of floating down the world through the curtain, and the carriage slowly run over the ground, rustled when I suddenly ahead of a thill

Zhi Ya heard playing steadily rides at anchor, by Julian slit, the whole Great Plains Palace stood outside Mimizaza many people jumped off the front driver clever servant, led the crowd in one neatly punched a thousand,

"The little prince ever seen."
The man dressed in a hood in one game Xuehu Diaoqiu cinnabar cam bao, the drooping of the snowy clouds in the lead in a particularly eye-catching, Yuli lean posture more show, just like a fire glowing that color is lining Danzhu have

Looking, such as carving, such as dressing, Wu Yun-Han Guang eyes, gestures, cutting poem God jade bone.
"Night child do?" But see him a slight nod, Chen Sheng openings.
Eminem sitting next to me sleeping in the night quickly pick up the children stepped out of car, the man who took over from the night Eminem childhood, and her face look instantly soft, like winter snow into the spring, the genial have lost me instantaneous

God opened the hearts of the general. Until a pedestrian lopsided home deep into the high gate into a palace servant girl want to probe into the car to take children for the night wrapped, I was only scared back to the soul, a moment for his gaffe

Naya Huan eat it cover lip smile, sounded surprising: "The prince renowned for his sister must have first right? Whenever a girl saw the first Back to the princes have lost our soul."
Uh ... ...
Seventeen is such a little girl up and down eight Zilai Shu to judge and "sister", really made me some sugar this old head is not strong, is preparing to correct her, Naya Huan and Xu Xu said: "However, Luoyang

Daughter of the prefect of the city to dance down to the palace servant, not without thinking about princes, sister, or as early as possible off the idea, they must Xiao want to do. "
"But the heir to carry my sister maid?" This is her maid dress and then looked me up and down speculation, but his voice a bit too big, attracted the children of the night that has been in holding the man abruptly turned away.
I worry repeatedly shook his head, then I thought, and nodded his head.
Before January, Shen Plains Palace received letter were written by a palace deacon, made princes eager children living in foreign land thinking, anticipating a few months of the year can sometimes meet with the love child of Luoyang, speech language customer

Air polite but cold alienation. I had received the letter, the heart thoughts troubles, decided to personally deliver the present night children go north, save your heart I do not know what will read like ... ... Maybe I just want to see him again

, But, what can one look? Although the calculated He Shen earlier, but I betrayed him in the post, completely overturning the throne he bowed available ... ... is Song Zhen Yan Pei far I hit that one thoroughly before halo

Bone chilling still in front ... ... I Youhemianmu face him again ... ...
"What is or is not it?" That the Simpleton persistently asked the girl.
The man swept away and then back Mouguang faint, I had the eyes of the fortunate his disease can not see me, I do not know why they took to heart an a sense of loss, and nodded mysteriously be towards Naya Huan Cheng

So, I temporarily lived in the palace down. Only I never dared to speak, lest he hear a voice he called clues. Regent Palace in theMBT Shoes year captured everyone, even the exhibition was also put under house arrest in the capital outside the more

And therefore no one today Plains Palace To know me, up and down all night when I was a child's personal maid, and was able to listen but will not say dumb. Xiao children are small, exquisitely carved mind but repeat itself, since no

Will expose me.
Day and night I accompanied children around, from the inevitable renowned Pei Yan Chen, is fortunate enough not to see his little bit, or I live in the palace which was so quiet, not by his little life as it is the lucky win.
Only, but stayed two days, I found that almost half of the Plains Palace in all of the above is the servant woman, and all young and beautiful, full colored thin ring of fat Yan Had he not, as the eyes, Jane

Wang Zhi Jiaoren Plains is a mistaken search preferences romantic princes gathered beauty.
For example, holds many lessons for meals, they stood behind him five or six Mei Bi, all of them employed Ting willowy Fanghua cardamom, stood lined up, Barbara eye candy, on top of the table is the exquisite delicacy of food,

To have such a less bleak than many.
If the prince can see, I do not know how in the circumstances Xing.
I unknowingly put the spotlight on his face, looked him up.
See, however, indifferent to his looks, although eating meals, but no eye brow from the reality the slightest breath, Daosi a general Fengqing cloud fairy net beyond the Great Wall.
I looked about as big as a Zhancha effort, was surprised to find that he ate more slowly, a faint pink suspicious after slowly getting up along its ears, straight to the ear lobe was full of dyed through and through. I can not help but wander

Different, he blushed dinner, hey what?
Not to be pondering, was surprised to find a pair of chopsticks Xinshou he stretched it out, actually fell on a fish, the fish ... ... I look, was actually the fish!
After I return to God, my right hand has stretched out and firmly press the back of the hand in his.
See, however, he doubts back, I am embarrassed, fear of the suspicion, then with your fingers on the back of his hand, wrote: "There are thorns."
His words are not to be behind him fear the angry maid Piansi general, busy: "This is Seiko's personal servant, together with Shen came from. Is a dumb, dumb. Hope princes sorry.

He nodded his head, pale pink Nama vertical climb over the ear to the cheek at the spread, he was silent a moment later heard coughed gently, self-hands stretched out the hand of another dish, then, that I made

Are themselves actually had just the girl with a Sichun general has been in the palm of his hand, can not blame him looking so unnatural.
My lightning too fast to close his hand back, the maid who looked serve all corners of the mouth is laughing eyes, embarrassed me very much, they have intended to turn around and go, but since he swallowed a fish bone on the back to the scene

Still in front of us, after all, does not fit, had the audacity to leave, take a pair of chopsticks for him silently, the spines lie the fish are picking clean.
Academic palace cook it categorically is not a worry Jiaoren cook, considerate they do not know the slightest princes, Dun Dun broiled fish, what fish bone, what more they fish, whole fish feast on Zhi Chamo. Down in January

, Pick pick was stabbed nearly dislocated my fingers.
Name of head of children's personal night I was a servant, but in reality I think personal maid poured into princes, to draw me to the king Plains should not be too Shunliu Oh, it was a matter of course confidently.
He ate fish, I prick; his full moon, I have some tea; him hear the wind, I have chlamydia.
Competing research into how such a situation, I have no idea ... ...
Until the eve of the Lantern Festival, an edict came accompanied by a dozen beautiful dancers Plains Palace, Sheng Yu has said: "Lantern Festival, there are a number of Persian dancers into the country Feng, dancing, Zoran, and I think that they have difficulty factor

May not be the same as, the blessed will share, alone Better Together, this all sent in, the king is willing to Plains two-phase synergetic season beauty.
The words, meaningful. Lord of the dancers show off their dance skills but also spared no effort in willow water-Yi Yao charming Jiaorao eyes, graceful streamers blowing from time to time princes on the cheek, to be wrapped around almost dancing dancing

Princes of the thigh to sit up.
But see Pei Yan Zhang Mei Chen a pair of micro-Wei Cu, hi is difficult to distinguish subtle look angry, if say hi, was surprised to find his mouth gentle hold in mouth to laugh, if that love, you see the woman he always wound on his hand and then

Oubi neck peeled off cleanly, but without losing the action alienated Ya demeanor.
I sit on the side of the orders to help their Zhencha, thinking, and night is still a small child, can not tell the meaning of theseMBT Shoes Clearance  romantic things concubine Lang feeling dirty the eyes, therefore, I do not suggest a half, I Wushang night the eyes of his children Anti-

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